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Efficient Legal Support For Civil Litigation Matters

At Farrell Law & Mediation, we pursue resolutions that satisfy your legal needs and protect your rights. We do this while respecting your budget and time. Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we dedicate ourselves to advocating for every person within the justice system.

J. Michelle Farrell, litigation lawyer and mediator, leverages 20 years of legal experience to clients through effective early resolution strategies, as well as representation in court if necessary.

Navigating You Through The Legal System

If settlement negotiations do not meet your needs, we develop your arguments into a solid legal position we can defend in front of a judge. We possess in-depth experience in a wide range of legal practice and areas of support, including:

  • Support For Women: If your welfare and equity has been overlooked during legal proceedings and at work, give us a call. We believe in your right to equitable access of justice. We will fight to ensure the legal system hears your voice, and meets your need.
  • Human Rights Code Violations: Disputes regarding gender, LGBTQ2 lifestyles, harassment and bullying can be emotional and difficult to describe. We dedicate ourselves to breaking down the facts of your case, pursuing your legal options, and supporting your position.
  • Education Law: We fight against discriminatory behaviour and advocate for the protection of youth within the education system. We provide you with the most applicable legal options to pursue the outcomes you desire and support your fight through negotiations, mediation, and trial if necessary.
  • Wills And Estates Matters: Whether you wish to challenge the validity of a will or testamentary documents, or defend your actions as an estate trustee, or power of attorney, we can support you on issues of liability and enforcing the wishes of the deceased.
  • Mental Health And Living With Disability: We understand the sensitive nature of these issues for individuals and their families. Our effective negotiation techniques and litigation experience allows us to protect your rights fair treatment, inclusion, and access to services and resources.

Statement of Principles

Human rights legislation is afforded quasi-Constitutional status by the Supreme Court of Canada. It is of such import that under the Rules of Professional Conduct (for lawyers) and the Paralegal Rules of Conduct, licensees of the Law Society of Upper Canada have a special duty to respect human rights in their dealings with others*

*Section 2.03, Paralegal Rules of Conduct; ss. 6.3 and 6.3.1, Rules of Professional Conduct.
As a licensee of the Law Society of Upper Canada, J. Michelle Farrell stands by the following principles:

  • My responsibility as a member of the legal profession to protect the dignity of all individuals, and to respect human rights laws in force in Ontario; and
  • An acknowledgement of my obligation to respect equality, diversity and inclusion generally and in my behaviour towards colleagues, employees, clients and the public.
  • I will ensure that no client or prospective client is denied services or receives inferior service on the basis of the grounds set out in the Human Rights Code.
  • A recognition that the Law Society is committed to Inclusive legal workplaces in Ontario, a reduction of barriers created by racism, unconscious bias and discrimination and better representation of racialized licensees in the legal professions in all legal workplaces and at all levels of seniority.

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