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Solutions For Estates Disputes

Challenging the validity of a will, or the wishes of the deceased, can make the aftermath of losing a loved one difficult and frustrating. Estate matters may be further complicated by questioning the actions of entrusted individuals.

At Farrell Law & Mediation, we provide legal services for families, individuals, LGBTQ2 and other marginalized communities throughout Richmond Hill, Ontario. We strive to help you move forward after the passing of a loved one through effective dispute resolution, and representation at trial if necessary.

Validity And Interpretation

Litigating estate cases can be sensitive and complex. They often call into question the motives and mental capacity of the deceased. J. Michelle Farrell, the lawyer of record, leverages her experience as a mediator to quickly determine the specific legal issues in question, and develop a strategy to defend your position.

Conduct Of Estate Trustees And Powers Of Attorney

There are legal options available to address concerns about the actions of entrusted individuals. We provide legal services to pursue allegations, as well as defences for individuals facing allegations, including:

  • Early settlement resolution strategies
  • Alternative dispute resolution options
  • Advice to strengthen your legal position on the matter
  • Effective legal defences in court if necessary

Find Out How I Can Help

We can help you identify the legal options available if you question the validity of a will, its intentions, or the responsibilities of an executor. Call our firm to set-up a consultation at 855-299-3266 or send me an email to arrange a meeting.

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