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Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolutions

At Farrell Law & Mediation, we hear the same concern from clients - 'I want to tell my side of the story, in my own words'.

J. Michelle Farrell can help you tell your story. Through mediation, she facilitates a constructive dialogue with the opposing party in order to:

  • Explain your position
  • See matters from the opposing perspective
  • Reach a better resolution that suits your goals

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, our firm provides services as a neutral, third party mediator, as well as legal support and coaching as external counsel.

The Mediation Process

After mediation, it may be necessary to continue a relationship with the opposing party. We want to help you communicate in a healthier manner. Through mediation, we help clients to reach their best outcome.

Our legal knowledge encompasses a variety of different industries and legal areas, enabling us to breakdown the:

  • Complexity of the issues
  • Best industry practice
  • Conversation between the parties
  • Current laws and procedures and how they apply to the matter

The Benefits Of Mediation

As both a lawyer and mediator, J. Michelle Farrell knows how to help you focus on the legal issues at the core of your case. We determine the strategies that protect your interests, and that stand a greater chance of success through mediation.

Additional benefits include:

  • Streamlined procedures for a faster resolution
  • A more cost-effective solution depending on the matter
  • More control in creating a better solution

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Trial is not always the best option for you. Find out how mediation services can help you. Call our firm at 855-299-3266 to schedule a consultation, or email me to arrange a meeting.

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