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Advocating for your rights in civil disputes, family law issues, and youth matters.

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A Litigation Firm Focused On Equitable Solutions

At Farrell Law & Mediation, our goal is to advocate for your rights and freedoms.

Farrell Law & Mediation is a litigation and alternative dispute resolution firm based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The lawyer and mediator of record, J. Michelle Farrell, possesses over 20 years of experience advocating for families, women, youth and marginalized communities such as LGBTQ2 and persons living with disabilities.

In addition to our trial experience, we also advocate for our clients' rights through mediation. This process allows you and the opposing party to see the issues you face from each other's perspective, and to use that information to develop a resolution of your own choosing. It's a more streamlined procedure and can reduce legal costs.

A Wide Range Of Litigation Services

As a litigator who has worked with both Toronto and provincial police forces, as well as the Department of Justice, J. Michelle Farrell has provided effective legal counsel to clients and their families facing a number of legal dilemmas, including:

Within our firm's litigation practice, we also focus specifically on family law issues. The breakdown of a marriage or relationship can be a profoundly emotional and stressful experience. We can help alleviate this burden by supporting you through the legal process on issues such as:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Division of property
  • Spousal and child support
  • Custody
  • Marriage and cohabitation agreements
  • Legal rights regarding adoptions

A Voice For Youth

J. Michelle Farrell's extensive history working with youth and law enforcement means she's seen almost every type of legal situation. We can safely say that you are not alone in your legal struggles. There are resources available to help you move forward.

Youths and their families can face issues such as unfair treatment, denial of resources, and discrimination for mental health or special needs in a variety of different legal areas. Our firm's role as your advocate allows us to protect your legal rights in these areas, and pursue your interests and avoid any long-term consequences.

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